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Bier, Wein, Sekt – British Beermats – Archive Project



Alles über alkoholische Getränke

Welcome to the British Beer Mat Collectors Society website. The Society was formed in 1960 and is still going strong 48 years later. Collectors are referred to as derived from the Latin word which means small rug or mat.

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The Society welcomes your interest in visiting our site. If you are considering joining then full membership details are on the subscriptions page. A monthly newsletter is issued to all members, which lists details of the most recent reported mats, details on Society events, members adverts and general items of interest.

The Society arranges meetings around the country. These meetings usually held in pubs, bring collectors together to exchange mats (Society stock of latest issues provided by breweries, as well as an auction of rarer mats). In addition to local meetings a two day "National" meeting is held during which Society matters are discussed in a formal AGM, an auction of mats is held with monies raised over the event donated to charity.

If you have an old collection lying dormant in your garage or loft consider selling it to us. We will arrange for an established local collector to evaluate your collection and offer a fair price.

The Society is run by an elected committee, posts held include Hon Editor, Treasurer and Chair person. Members are encouraged to get involved (for example local brewery liaision officers deal with their local breweries to secure sufficient quantities of the most recent mats for distribution to local meetings as well as being offered in the Society shop)


Durchschnittlich trinkt jeder Deutsche rund 23 Liter Wein beziehungsweise Schaumwein pro Jahr. Bordeaux, Burgunder oder andere große Weine sind weltweit bekannt und auch bei den Deutschen sehr beliebt. Doch es müssen nicht immer Weine aus dem Ausland sein, denn Deutschland besitzt zahlreiche Weinregionen, die hervorragende Produkte herstellen und die sich mit den internationalen Spitzenweinen problemlos messen können.


Kaum ein anderes Lebensmittel wird so sehr mit Deutschland in Verbindung gebracht wie Bier. In keinem anderen Land der Welt gibt es eine auch nur annähernd ähnlich große Vielfalt an Biersorten. Und selbst wenn das Pilsener zuerst im tschechischen Pilsen gebraut wurde, so war es doch ein Brauer aus Bayern, der die zur Herstellung nötige Brauweise entwickelte. Allerdings ist Bier bei weitem nicht nur zum Trinken geeignet.


Is it accurate to say that it was a fastidious housewife or an adroit originator who initially thought, “Gee, best discover a spot to set my sweat-soaked beverage upon”? Turns out, it was not one or the other. In the nineteenth century, felt or bits of texture were utilized in bars, not to absorb buildup, however to cover beverages and avoid bugs and earth from those valuable pints. The material was permeable, however it was likewise reused, which wasn’t actually sterile (high-proficiency clothes washers having not yet been imagined). A superior arrangement was essential.

Friedrich Horn, a German printing organization, gets the acknowledgment for building up the principal expendable, cardboard, punch-out “beermats” around 1880. Only a couple of years after the fact, another German, Robert Sputh, protected his beermat made of an undeniably increasingly solid wood mash. A progressively proficient creation method for lager mats started around 1900, and they were normally decorated with the printer’s name. It didn’t take long for excited early bottling works advertisers to begin marking these convenient surface-savers with notices for pale beers, stouts and so forth.

Advancement through coasters has transformed to suit every age, and not simply to announce refineries or distilleries. Lori Dahl, a mixologist at Hotel Viking in Newport, Rhode Island, says the lodging is making new coasters that announce “Be Social at Hotel Viking.” Instead of pushing blended beverages or pastries, drink coasters have now been raised to heralds of web based life handles.

Starting with One Tegestologist then onto the next

The pulpboard that the present normal beverage coasters are made of are accessible in various loads or thicknesses, and are at last structured with the fundamental objective of making a barkeep’s life far less repetitive. The thicker the coaster, the more dampness that is assimilated, and the less need to tidy up splashed, torn paper napkins. Coasters don’t naturally stunt the wreckage however. Dahl concedes her annoyance is “when individuals destroy coasters and leave the wreckage on the bar.” Be decent to your barkeep! Furthermore, your coasters!

In any case, a lot of individuals have a thankfulness for refreshment coasters that goes past insignificant buildup catcher – they’re known as tegestologists, gatherers of coasters. These energetic coaster sweethearts may catch a coaster in view of its chronicled or social centrality. Others see the coaster chase as the best piece of their tegestology practice.

“My better half and I travel broadly and gather drink coasters from around the globe,” says Pamela Braun of My Man’s Belly. “The larger part are from lagers we’ve attempted so the coasters have significance from where they are as well as of an encounter we’ve had.” One of their preferred coasters includes a Belgian brew called La Chouffe with its cute little person logo. “We originally had the brew at an off the beaten path bar in Amsterdam and consistently pay special mind to the little dwarf, attempting the various assortments of this brand in a portion of the nations we’ve been in. In any case, we were just ready to get the coasters in Amsterdam,” says Braun. With a coaster assortment numbering in the hundreds, Braun and her better half reserve most in an assigned cabinet yet give their most adored beermats a second life in – what other place? – the bar zone of their home.

Bar director of the Bit House Saloon in Portland, Oregon, Jesse Card tells the story of a universal aircraft pilot whose enthusiasm is finding dark coasters. “He has a great many them. His royal gems are coasters from Belgian Abbeys and difficult to-arrive at bottling works in Japan. I asked him for what valid reason he gathered coasters rather than steins or the containers themselves and he let me know, ‘Straightforward – on the grounds that the coasters are free.'”

The title of ace tegestologist, in any case, goes to Leo Pisker of Austria who The Guinness Book of World records as having amassed an assortment of more than 150,000 unique coasters from more than 160 nations.



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