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Cambria Publishing Archive

Coal In The Valley

Mining families, historians, students, teachers, industrial archaeologists and explorers — immerse yourself in the Drumheller Valley and its coal history through photographs and stories of its mining people, domestic coal mines and the land. This book’s environmental portraits of old-time coal miners and their families were photographed by Lawrence Chrismas over a 30-year period and include some historical images.ISBN 0-9697023-3-7

Coaldust Grins

Coaldust Grins – Portraits of Canadian Coal Miners honors the old-time and modern coal miners who, for most Canadians, are a mysterious group of grimy, underground laborer’s. The book dispels many of the myths around coal mining with its moving photographs and humorous anecdotes, all collected by the miners themselves from within their own families and communities. This 321 page book contains 280 beautifully printed photographs from the five coal producing provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the Yukon. More than 450 individuals rom 85 communities and 50 coal mines are represented; about half od the large black and white photographs are accompanied by entertaining and informative biographies. ISBN: 0-9697023-1-0.

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Canmore Miners

Black-and-white portraits of the hard-working people who chose to live and work in Canmore, a coal mining town situated in the magnificent Rocky Mountains of Alberta. This collection of heart-warming stories and engaging photographs provides the reader with an intimate look at life in a single-industry town. Lawrence Christmas, RCA, is a documentary photographer, mining historian and geologist living in Calgary. He is the author of several books. Mister Chrismas has been photographing and interviewing Canadian coal miners for more than 20 years. ISBN 0-9697023-3-7

The Grasshopper

The author, Joseph L. Lothian, brings to life a 1930’s coal mining town through the vivid reminiscences of Mykola, who began his young life in poverty and deprivation and then enters the coal mines. Many characters touch his life, none more than his one boyhood friend. A tortured conscience drives him to escape to a new life on Vancouver Island where he finds both love and heartbreak. In a gripping conclusion, he is forced to confront his past in the mine.”As an historian and a chronicler of coal mining, …I loved this book and its hero, Kola Krush. Kola is Everyman. He is the kind of person who inadvertently shaped Western Canadian history as he survived a difficult childhood, worked for wages, fell in love and quietly went about the business of living his life.”
Lynne Bowen, Award Winning Author, “Boss Whistle” and others”…The Grasshopper is not simply a novel you read. It’s one you cherish. Lothian is a born storyteller and the story …is mesmerizing. Lothian keeps the reader enthralled. …the characters, Kola meets on his life’s journey …are the true treasures of The Grasshopper. They are all so real that they leap off the page to stay with the reader long after Kola’s story ends. The Grasshopper deserves to be a Canadian classic.”Louis B Hobson, Journalist Calgary SUN”…very descriptive …I felt like I was right there in the mines and towns… The story is at times poignant and at times intense. I was made to feel his (Kola’s) sadness and his loneliness, …The ending is the way I like them, a total surprise.”
Joan Donaldson-Yarmey, Author, “Illegally Dead””A beautiful journey into Alberta’s rich history.”
Paul Brandt, Canadian Country ArtistISBN 978-0-9697023-4-4