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Pasadena Weight Loss Center Archive

What is weight loss?


Pasadena Weight Loss Center ArchiveAchieving a healthy weight and maintaining it benefits our health, especially when it comes to cardiovascular diseases.


That is why it is so important to control our weight, since in addition to helping us reduce the risk of developing heart disease, it will also make us feel good about ourselves.



Why is it done?


The reasons for losing weight are many and varied. There will be those who do it to achieve a slender figure, to feel good about themselves, to prevent future illnesses or for health problems.


But the most common are:

  • Overweight or obesity .
  • Suffer from heart disease.
  • Hypertension , breathing or other problems .



What does it consist of?


There is no single method to lose weight, since each person is different as well as their goals.



What factors influence a healthy weight?


The factors that can determine a person’s weight to a greater extent are the environment, genetics, metabolism, behavior and habits, as well as the way in which your body transforms food and oxygen into energy.



Benefits associated with weight loss


Although in most cases weight loss is associated with an aesthetic issue, its benefits go further.


Weight loss brings us well -being , since obesity or being overweight are in themselves health problems.


It also helps to increase self-esteem and activates us . Losing weight can help us to be more active and carry out activities that previously cost us more work.


Even losing weight reduces stress levels , since regular physical activity causes our body to release more endorphins, which makes us feel more relaxed.


Other benefits:

  • metabolic changes.
  • Reduces the risk of diseases such as: high blood pressure, diabetes , heart disease, muscle and joint pain, hypercholesterolemia or hypertriglyceridemia.
  • Digestive improvements.
  • Better rest.
  • Greater physical mobility and energy.



How to control our weight?


Through the Body Mass Index (BMI) we can know if our weight is healthy or not. Through a very simple mathematical formula we can calculate, in relation to weight and height, in what situation we find ourselves:

  • Under weight. BMI <19
  • Normal weight or healthy weight . BMI 19-24.9
  • Overweight. BMI 25-30
  • Obesity . BMI 30-35